Kenny Rials

Kenny is originally a southern boy from Louisiana, but moved to New York city after graduating from university. He enrolled at the  prestigious School for Film & Television and surrounding himself with musicians, actors, artist, and performers to learn and absorb as much as possible. He performed in Broadway / Off Broadway productions and even played the letter "T" on Sesame Street. Although he loved being part of and ensemble, he longed to sing and perform his own music. He was given the chance after moving to London and began working with a music producer that heard him sing at an open mic night.

The first EP - Time Doesn't Stand Still was recorded and produced in London at Soho Sonic Studios. It was released March 2014 and the music video was shot in Barcelona, Spain. The title track and "Not Yet, Someday" began heavy rotation in clubs in the UK, Europe, and Asia. The ballad, "I Get You" was one of the most used songs at weddings in 2014. 

Second Chances is the sophomore project by Kenny and his most personal yet. All lyrics were written by Rials and deeply emotional, but still with that pulsating beat that will keep us dancing. The track "It Never Rains Forever" was written as an anthem against bullying in which he is a strong advocate. 

As for now, Kenny resides in London, but his southern "twang" is still in full force. He's the proud father of twins born on June 20th. 


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