Online PR News – 12-December-2016 – London, England – Singer/songwriter and author, Kenny Rials announces the release of his new album Second Chances. Recorded at Soho Sonic Studios in London, Second Chances is the follow up to Rials’ debut EP - Time Doesn’t Stand Still, which featured the title track and the club hit “Not Yet, Someday”. Second Chances is available via digital outlets and CD configuration. As a strong advocate for anti-bullying, the songs throughout Second Chances – all penned by Rials – offer hope and support to all victims of bullying. “I was bullied as a teenager,” states Rials. “I kept my head down and tried to be invisible. In my lyrics, I ask those still being tormented to please hold on, it will be our time to shine soon.” That vision thrives in the single “It Never Rains Forever” and the song “Mischievous”. Following the release of Second Chances, Rials will be hitting the road throughout the UK and USA in 2017. Tour dates to be announced soon. About Kenny: Kenny Rials is global. He’s a native from Louisiana, a New Yorker for ten years while studying acting and singing, and now a Brit living in London. He’s performed and visited 52 countries, but has kept his southern twang and roots. “I still say y’all and have fried chicken and jambalaya at least once a month,” he admits. While living in New York, Kenny performed in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, but longed to sing and perform his own music. He was given the chance after meeting a producer in London. Kenny’s debut EP – Time Doesn’t Stand Still was released in 2014 and the follow up album, Second Chances, is available now. With the new album, Kenny keeps us on the dance floor with tracks soaked in throbbing drops, pulsing percussions, and electronic effects, but his tenor voice shines throughout the album especially in songs like Second Chances, the emotionally charged What’s Enough, and the playful Ready or Not. - See more at:” - Press

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With Second Chances, this is the native Louisianan’s most personal work yet.  In many ways, Kenny continues to do what he does best by keeping us on the dance floor. The tracks are soaked in throbbing drops, pulsing percussions, and electronic effects, but it is Kenny’s rich voice and haunting lyrics that shine, especially in the title track, What’s Enough and the playful Ready or Not. Kenny is a strong advocate against bullying and it’s apparent in the lyrics of songs like Mischievous and It Never Rains Forever as he pleads for us to “Please hang on, the sun will always shine.” The result is a buoyant pop and dance album that mixes professions of romantic agony, reflection on past relationships, new relationships, and empowerment. With two power house dance remixes on the album as well, Kenny will keep us dancing through the night. ” - Mitchell Davies

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Great Tracks! I really dig the production and think Kenny's voice sounds really good on these songs. Good hooks as well, the more I listen to the songs the more I like the title track, well done. Great job. I look forward to hearing more from Kenny in the future. Thank You, Fred Hanba A&R Tommy Boy Records ” - Fred Hanba

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 Luxor Magazine Interview Q&A   LM “So, you are a southern boy at heart?” KR “Yes sir. I was raised in rural Louisiana. My hometown had a population of around five thousand people. We had one red light, one grocery store, one high school, but we went to bed with the doors unlocked, we felt safe, and I had a great childhood. But, I longed for the excitement and big lights of the city so I moved away to University and then to New York and on to London. ”  LM “What type of music did you grow up listening to?” KR “My parents loved country music like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, Elvis, and Don Williams, but I have two older sisters and they loved Prince, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. I was a kid of the 90’s, so pop music, dance, and freestyle music was the rage then. I loved that new sound.  Noel, Stevie B, Expose, Johnny O, and The Cover Girls were a few of my favorites.” LM “At University, you were chosen for a choir scholarship?” KR “Yes, I was having trouble with tuition and I heard the choir was having auditions. If you were selected, you won a small scholarship. I’d never sung in front on anyone before and my heart was in my chest.” LM ‘What song did you sing?” KR “I sang the American National Anthem and a Richard Marx song. Luckily, I was given a spot in the choir. It was truly the must fun I’ve ever had. I was so shy then - not that you can tell now, but I made some amazing friends and I learned how much I truly loved singing.  LM “What was New York like for a southern boy?” KR “Bit scary at first. I had two other roommates and we starved at first, but we eventually did okay. I started taking acting and singling lessons at different schools in Manhattan and began auditioning for Broadway shows, television, and commercials. I landed a few shows and loved it. While living in New York, I surrounded myself with artist, singers, dancers, comedians, and anyone I could learn from. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life, but the hardest also.” LM “Then on to London?” KR “Moving to another country isn’t as easy as one thinks. It took time, a lot of aggravation, but I wanted it. I wanted to experience another country. London is so close to every major European city and I’ve relished in it. I travel as much as possible. Plus, the music in Europe is amazing. Music tends to bring people together whatever their nationality.” LM “How did Time Doesn’t Stand Still happen?” KR “A friend I met in London owned a recording studio and we recorded a demo. Sadly, he closed the studio, so I began sending the demo to music producers. I met with Rich Pilkington from Soho Sonic and we clicked. He liked my ideas of heavy beats, electronica, but with strings, guitar, and piano. LM “Do you love performing?” KR “There isn’t anything like it. You feel the energy of the crowd the second you walk on stage. To see people tapping their toes and bobbing their heads to your music is quite a rush.” LM “What’s next for you?” KR “Promoting the record and performing as much as possible. I’m heading to Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, and Vancouver soon. It’s been a whirlwind, but I wouldn’t change this time in my life for gold.” LM “Thanks for chatting with us this afternoon.” KR “Oh, my pleasure. Thanks for inviting me.” Kenny Rials' EP is titled Time Doesn’t Stand Still and will be released mid March. His website is” - Lenoard Mazend

— Luxor Online” - Sarah Crawford

— Beauregard Daily News

Kenny, Time Doesn't Stand Still is a catchy well produced EP with strong vocals and amazing sounds! Can't wait to hear more from you, Andy Lee ” - Andy Lee C.E.O

— Infinity Records

Kenny Rials shines on his new album, Second Chances. The second dance single It Never Rains Forever is an anthem against bullying and much welcome after more and more teens are taking their own lives due to bullying. The song begs us to "Please Hold On". Great album and great singles to keep us on the dance floor. ” - Staff Writer

— Gadio UK

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